I have one more painting of Anna’s to show you

This one is not quite finished….
This is the photo she was working from.

Regina and I recently visited a garden and nursery that was tucked away inside a little development just off of Las Americas, a very busy highway. The photo above is of the owner’s house. The property is very much in the cottage garden style with plants tucked in every corner and hanging from every perch.

A lovely lady who generously gave us some of her precious time
The nursery
Many plants were not in bloom but lots of interesting foliage.

Bruce and I have recently discovered a new place to shop for groceries right in our neighborhood. Regina had suggested it a couple of months ago but we didn’t find it right away. It kind of reminds us of Sunny Farms in Sequim!

Notice the very nice and healthy living wall planting on the left.
Bulk grains and flour ……so many it’s overwhelming! I have no idea what most of them are.
Bailey’s Irish Cream and espresso ….one of the fun items they offer. Really good shrimp and fish and wine too!
A recent bouquet from the supermarket
And another. They always have roses and alstroemerias and sometimes some mixed bouquets. They are so inexpensive that we can have them in every room.
This is a house I love on the way home from our Ecuadorian Sunny Farms.
It is smothered in plants.
Tuberoses 🙂
This guy earns his living juggling on the corner. He’s REALLY good! Bruce printed this picture and gave it to him. He sat on the sidewalk and stared at it for several minutes.

A visitor on our window. We’ve been waiting for the building to wash the outside windows and just recently discovered that it’s up to us to hire it done! It only shows when the sun shines through 😬
This is Marco, one of our security guys. He is extremely nice and friendly. He likes to practice his fledgling English on us.
And this is our wonderful, hardworking and cheerful maestra de limpieza. She keeps the whole building spotless!
A little girl playing by the river while her papa fished.
Every house seems to have one of these. Lots of barking!!
This was taken at a Fourth of July party with a few friends. Outside, as you can see.
This is nothing Ecuadorian. Just a cake I saw online. Made me 😊

So that’s it for the July edition of our website post. We send lots of love to all our friends and relatives out there. Hopefully, next year we can all get back to near normal. Until then, do what makes you happy.


2 thoughts on “Continued…….

  1. Your daughter is quite accomplished! So nice to see the photos of the people and area. Glad you’re enjoying your adventure!!


  2. Hey guys. You did it. Wow! I knew Ecuador was on the horizon. Just didn’t know when. Got this blog from Rick, as my Rose of Sharon is done blooming and wondered what was happening with you. I’ll start reading from Dec to catch up with your adventure. Much happiness to you and Bruce.


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