Spring has arrived!!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, but with us mostly staying home and not a lot of new experiences, the photos from Bruce are in short supply. I have a few that I took with my iPad but those photos can’t compare. Nevertheless I will use them to prop up my text.

Very soon the weather here in Cuenca will be warming up again because it’s Spring!!! Not that it was very cold here. Just a matter of adding another layer. No need for a heater in the apartment. I was concerned about that before moving here to Cuenca after reading others accounts of hats and mittens in the house! Maybe because we are acustomed to cooler weather unlike folks from Arizona or Southern California. Spring here is barely an event as far as I can tell. The flowers have bloomed intermittently since we arrived and the birds did not migrate (I think) based on the continuity of their songs. I wonder if I will even miss snow at some point? Seems unlikely right now. Today the sun is shining and we are going grocery shopping. Tomorrow we meet some new friends at an outdoor restaurant for an early dinner. Other than that, my October calendar is bare. But the month is young. Who knows what might happen?

We voted! Washington state made it really easy since Bruce set it all up before we left. It was all done digitally. I keep up with all the news from the states but Bruce prefers to keep somewhat distanced from all the angst. He has been riding his bike a lot. I occasionally go with him but I am trying to learn to paint in a non cringe worthy way, so that keeps me occupied.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but we received our cédulas, which are roughly like a social security card and used for identification and to show that we are legal residents of Ecuador. Bruce has been working hard to set up all of our legal stuff like updated wills and end of life documents. He has also organized everything so if one of us dies, the other will have all the paperwork and information in one place. Peace of mind is worth a lot. Thanks Bruce!

One of the first countries we visit will be Australia. Raina and Luke could not wait that long to be married so the ceremony took place at the end of September. We are so happy for them!

Regina and I recently attended an open house tour of three hotels that were contemplating reinventing themselves after the pandemic. They were open to the idea of renting rooms to elderly who wanted independent assisted living with all meals provided and a butler on call. My favorite was Mansion Alcazar.

Bruce tells me that he is going to start taking his bigger camera on bike trips on the edges of town for the next time we post. Meanwhile, here are just a couple.

We are planning to move to a different neighborhood when our lease is up in January. We have been very happy here in this apartment, but it is lacking a couple of things. This building has a beautiful and generous terrace but we would like one of our own. I am painting in the living room so it would be nice to have a space for that. And…..we live on a very busy corner that is too noisy! We have been buying a piece of furniture here and there and all the kitchen stuff so we hope to find a place that has room for it all. We have quit buying.

One of the treats of living here is discovering new little markets and eateries. Our diet is not the same but we eat very well.

Another outing for us was a trip to visit an artists workshop. She lives about twenty minutes outside of the city and she was kind enough to pick us up and bring us back home.

That is about all I have to post. The holidays are coming up so it will be interesting to see how Christmas is celebrated here. I think it’s a really big deal, but this year will almost certainly be different. The decorations are out in the stores already! I saw a really cool Christmas tree in a store that had lights dripping from bare branches. It cost over five hundred dollars and was too big for our apartment, so we are making our own. That will be in the next post! Until then, stay safe and happy and enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving.


3 thoughts on “Spring has arrived!!

  1. A wonderful update! Life sounds really good. Of course the pandemic has “compressed” all our lives and, yes, the political situation, is really ugly. The upcoming election is not likely to change things as the US will remain deeply divided due to the negative impact of “big money” (Koch brothers) on US legal, political and educational systems. Improvement will be a long term process. The pandemic has also shed light on those “cracks” in everyone’s daily lives/support systems that in our every day “busyness” weren’t apparent. Not a bad thing! We are well, focusing on gardening, house projects and small pleasures such as reading, walking, music. We really miss travel! I plan to send some garden pictures to your email. I hope it is still active. Warm regards. We miss you. Laura and Rick


  2. I love the new edition of the blog. I always hope for more of Bruce’s photos and look forward to the promise of more in the future. Why is there a black rectangle next to the photo of you and Bruce with your new cedulas? The meringue “ice cream” cones are called* espumilla* and made of egg whites and sugar. That’s why the quantity on the vendors’ heads never melts. The father of Catalina Carrasco is Edgar Carrasco. I love the photos you got of his work. Now to get inspired to do an installment of my tripjournal. Today I went to the gym. That’s all. I also translated for Diane downstairs who wanted information from the maestro who is supervising the excavation in her 3rd bedroom. It’s almost finished with a new manhole and pump installed. I hope it solves the humidity problems. Tomorrow I’ll return to the gym and then the estate sale with Diane and Bob who are interested in looking at all of the lamps for sale. regina

    On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 8:24 AM On the Road Through Ecuador wrote:

    > Sharon posted: ” Hello everyone! It’s been a while, but with us mostly > staying home and not a lot of new experiences, the photos from Bruce are in > short supply. I have a few that I took with my iPad but those photos can’t > compare. Nevertheless I will use them to prop up ” >


  3. So happy life is a joy for you and Bruce!! All’s well with us. We’re just leaving Port Angeles this Thursday. It’s been our longest stay ever. Mixed feelings about leaving. Sending lots of love your way.
    Beth & Cappy


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