A river walk after a rain

Okay, I know I just posted yesterday, but last night we had a lovely cleansing rain, and it was double pleasure to walk along the river this morning. The smell of the eucalyptus trees was strong and the river rushing! I realize for a lot of you in the Northwest, rain might not be cause for joy right now, but it is the dry season here. Because of Carnival, there were fewer people about. Seems like most of the city goes to the ocean to celebrate. There were the usual runners and dog walkers and amblers, such as myself, that you see in any city. The cleaning crew were out early too. This is a clean city because they employ color coded groups of workers, each with a designated job.
Yesterday, being Sunday, the park along the river had families enjoying campfires and cooking, playing games and cards, soccer, swimming and fishing all day long. About five o’clock they packed it all up and headed for home.

We LOVE the clean streets. This is a bike lane.

Today is a laid back day. I made pancakes this morning. Now that doesn’t seem worth mentioning, but grocery supplies down here are not what we are accustomed to and simple ingredients are often hard to find. I took a chance on a whole wheat pancake mix and some syrup. My expectations were kind of low.

No real maple syrup here but I thought this looked promising.
I was not at all sure of the pancake mix, but the photo looks appetizing.

Surprise!!! They were delicious! They have a brand here called Los Andes that makes good mayonnaise and ketchup so I thought I’d try their spaghetti sauce. Yuk. It was slimy. I see they have an American brand for an inflated price, but worth it. The hamburger meat is very lean and grass fed, so not as tender and juicy, but adding sautéed mushrooms and onion along with the sauce, makes pretty good spaghetti. We can’t eat out all the time!

La gente enjoying the river
Beautiful eucalyptus bark
This is the level in the dry season….can’t wait for the big storms!

Okay, that’s it for now. This coming week will be packed with events, so I will report again next week. Until then, un gran abrazo to each and every one of you!

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