Almost time for a trip to the coast!

As soon as this amazing weather turns into the rainy season, we will head back to the beautiful coast of Ecuador. When we visited last year for five weeks, we started out in two seaside towns….Olon and Puerto Lopez. Olon has a gorgeous beach and Puerto Lopez is more of a fishing village. The sun is hot and the water very warm. The vibe is very laid back….too much so for more than a month or two.

The photographer….Bruce takes all the photos for our website (except this one, obviously)
These photos of the coast were taken on our trip last year
Fishing boats in Puerto Lopez
The sunsets are always amazing!
Love watching the boats
every morning they come in with their catch
Bruce wants to get back to this!
Our hotel in Puerto Lopez
Great restaurant too.
We loved seeing what came in each day
This is how we got around town
Miles of unspoiled beaches

It is the perfect antidote to city life. And when the beach gets boring, there is always Cuenca again!

Last night we joined friends at a restaurant on a hill above the city
We had hoped to see the sunset but it was too cloudy😕
It was beautiful anyway
We stayed well past sunset
And were rewarded with gorgeous views!!

We are in the middle of CARNIVAL now which is a BIG deal down here. It will all wind up with FAT TUESDAY and MARTI GRAS. Photos of that next time……it should be fun!

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