What we left behind

Well, I intended to write primarily about the beautiful Pacific Northwest where we have lived for almost forty years. And I will. But this title now has double meaning to me since we also left behind one third of our worldly possessions at check in in the Seattle airport! We were not aware of a baggage restriction flying into Ecuador during their busy season. Wish either the airlines or our Ecuadorian attorney would have alerted us….but we are still smiling😬 We had to throw away two pieces of luggage and all the contents.

Here I am before check in with all of our luggage intact.

How things can change…one moment to the next!

I will write more on our flights and arrival in Cuenca later, but now to my original intent of this post. We were very happy in our hand built country house near Discovery Bay. Our company, Bentley Gardens, Inc was a successful and all consuming garden design, installation and maintenance business and we loved our work. But I turn seventy this month and we figured it was time to retire and shake up our lives a bit. We have been researching best places to retire for a few years now and Ecuador was always on the top of our list.

The day we left….January 7th 2020

We are starting a new life and we know it won’t always be easy, but if we concentrate on the good stuff, and we know there will be a lot of that, it will all be worth it. Our five week visit last year to Ecuador’s beautiful coast and to the beautiful city of Cuenca in the Andes, our new home, convinced us we were making the right move.

6 thoughts on “What we left behind

  1. Hola, Sharon & Bruce,
    Karen gave us your blog link today and told us about your travel “challenges”. Those are behind you now, though, so onward and forward into your new life! We’ll be following along…
    So excited for you!
    Denise & John


  2. So sorry for having to leave your suitcases! And you struggled so hard to get it down to 3. We would have gone and picked them up for you at Seatac and mailed them to you. But, now you are truly unencumbered for your new adventure! Adventure on!!!


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