Looking for a Home

We have been here for four days now and each day is PACKED with activities. Our little apartment that we rented for the month of January is very comfy with nice views from the living area and master bedroom. The kitchen is small but we are eating out a lot anyway. We just had lunch at a yummy vegetarian restaurant for four dollars each. I couldn’t eat it all!

view from our dining room at night
Looking at apartments with our adorable agent, Liliana

We haven’t found the perfect place for long term yet and have looked at five or six so far. We are renting now on a monthly basis. We found our little apartment online before we came because we wanted to have something to go to right away besides a hotel.

A penthouse we are looking at soon with a huge terrace overlooking the Tomebamba River. I screenshot this image from the internet. This is in a very desirable neighborhood.
King sized bed and en-suite bath. The other bedroom has a queen bed and bathroom.
Both have huge walk in closets
One of the bathrooms……obviously!

Wish us luck!

6 thoughts on “Looking for a Home

  1. So excited to hear from you and to read your blog!! Your enthusiasm is infectious. Can’t wait to hear more. Good luck finding the perfect place for a longterm rental. I’m really happy for the two of you!


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