Our new reality

As of last Tuesday, the 17th of March, we are asked to stay in our homes as much as possible. Schools and restaurants are closed and all businesses except for grocery stores, pharmacies and banks. There is a night time curfew from 7 p.m. until 5 a.m. Vehicles are allowed every other day depending on license plate number, however there are few cars on the road. No buses and only taxis allowed. The bright side is much cleaner air along the main streets and hardly any traffic noise! We are allowed to walk to the grocery store or pharmacy, which we do, and Bruce and I also walk along the river, just a half block away, a couple of times a day. The weather has been absolutely beautiful!

Early morning
almost every day has been sunny
And gorgeous cloud formations in the evening
Just before the virus the rivers were running high and fast
Almost to the top
But still, laundry must be done

Just before the quarantine, I was able to attend a cooking class with a French chef. He entertained us for a few hours while demonstrating his cooking skills and preparing a very fine lunch for all of the attendees. We ate corvina and shrimp in a pastry puff with pink peppercorn butter sauce and puréed butternut squash. For desert he made shortbread topped with mixed fruit ( mora berry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry ) and a dollop of whipped cream. All this for fifteen dollars!

Cooking classes offered here twice a month

Bruce and I also attended a luncheon honoring St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, the 15th. This was at a beautiful private home with some of Cuenca’s prominent citizens as fellow guests. The hostess offers these themed dinners once a month and I’m so glad we decided to try one. We had a lovely time meeting some very kind, interesting and entertaining people and enjoying an Irish meal prepared by a talented chef. She also offers cooking classes and I signed up for one at the end of the month. It is almost certain to be cancelled🙁

Enjoying an evening at Jodoco before the lockdown
They prepare the best steak in Cuenca, according to Bruce

Like most people everywhere we are saddened by our new reality, but trying to make the most of each day with as much positivity as we can muster. We consider ourselves to be very lucky that we are still healthy and able to enjoy a walk in the sunshine and commune with friends via the internet. Thank goodness for the internet!!! We also have lots of time to read and have long phone conversations. Our travel plans will have to wait.

Empty streets
This used to be one of the busiest areas

Masks everywhere and allowing only thirty shoppers at a time
Hand sanitizer a requirement on entry

Life is like this now. Be kind to each other. Help when you can and remember we are all in this together. Find the good things to enjoy every day and stay safe.

This is our communal terrace. Yesterday I took my chaise lounge down on the elevator and Bruce and I enjoyed an hour in the sun. It was heavenly!
View from the other direction
Find your peaceful place and be thankful
We’ll check in again in a couple of weeks and see where we are
Hasta entonces estar bien!

4 thoughts on “Our new reality

  1. Delighted to hear Bruce and you are well and continue to establish yourselves in your new home. Ecuador appears to be a very beautiful place with many interesting people and wonderful opportunities. Enjoy! Each day is a new challenge to stay informed, without becoming dragged down by the mismanagement of the crisis, and establish new routines to stay healthy, connected and positive!


  2. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your positivity. I am passing along your beautiful word to others. And, the photo of the cloud formation in the evening was absolutely stunning! Take care, be safe and stay healthy.


  3. I’m relieved that the two of you are safe and well. The world is ONE. That’s for sure. Please stay healthy and positive and spread the love. Cappy and I are with you in spirit and hoping that this passes quickly.


  4. You have those gorgeous Maxfield Parrish clouds! Beautiful. Are you able to get the groceries that you need? Glad you are both staying safe AND enjoying life. Xxoo


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