We found our new home and I believe we will stay there for a while. Although we love our apartment that we have lived in for almost a year, we were looking for something with a terrace, a room for my painting and a quieter neighborhood. I think we got lucky! It is located near one of the Universities and a very large park where two of the rivers meet. It has a view of the city with lots of big windows. The building is familial with the parents in their eighties on the first floor, a daughter on the second floor, we have the third floor (rented from one of the daughters who married and moved elsewhere) and the son is on the top floor. The daughter speaks pretty good English which is handy since we are still in the learning stages. The apartment has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and a large kitchen. The family is lovely. There was a bouquet of red roses to greet us and Señora Cordero brought up a bottle of Baileys to toast the occasion! The rent is roughly the same as the apartment we are vacating….$650. And everything else like electricity, gas, 5G internet and phones will cost under $100 a month.

We will post more photos after we move in. This apartment is unfurnished so we had to buy everything, including stove and refrigerator. Which was fun😊. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and final packing day. The big truck comes at nine on Friday morning for the final move. We have ordered a traditional Thanksgiving day meal for our final dinner in this apartment. We wish all of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Next year will be better in so many ways!!


6 thoughts on “MOVING DAY!!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bruce, Sharon! What fun- the new apartment’s location and the landlords sound wonderful. Once you get settled you’ll have to send pics of it furnished.


  2. That home looks palatial compared to our two bath four bedroom place here in Phoenix. Can’t wait for pics of the outside and neighborhood. Beautiful spot!
    Great hearing from you guys,



  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Your apartment is gorgeous! Can’t believe it’s almost a year since you’ve been in Ecuador. So glad the two of you are happy. Los Angeles is back to shutting down outdoor restaurants. They even instituted a curfew. Can’t wait until this pandemic is over. We’ll be with our family tomorrow and that’s good. Sending love your way!


  4. Happy thanksgiving Mom and Bruce. We are doing an isolated thanksgiving on the boat. Just Lyndsay Mox and Me. Doing surf and turf with a couple of traditional side dishes. Hoping to still be able to get to Mexico Jan and February we have a place booked in Los Barriles south of la Paz. It’s still unclear if we will be able to drive across the border. Cases are escalating here so we are back to being extra cautious. If we do go we will blast down to the Mexican border then take our time down Baja. Enjoy the new place!! It looks great. Tache Lyndsay and Mox

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