Feeling Lucky

Every day we wake up looking forward to our new routines. Staying mostly en casa is not so bad once you find interesting stuff to fill your days. Maybe our travel plans are on extended hold, but we still get around town and we haven’t explored most of it yet. We have extended our daily walks to include our neighbors to the south, across the river. There are some beautiful homes along that side of the river that are owned by some of the more prosperous Ecuadorians.

This is a quiet neighborhood and we might choose to live here if one of these houses was ever offered for rent.
I can’t wait to work with all of these tropical plants. It never freezes, but because it never gets too hot, we can also grow many of the plants that I know and love from the Olympic Peninsula.
This datura does a lot better here…..they become trees if not regularly pruned.
Notice the glass pieces on top of the wall? Perhaps only recently have they started installing alarm systems for home defense…this is the old method I guess.
This house has electric wire along the top of the fence. They seem to be quite worried about robbery here in Cuenca.

Just a block or two south of this neighborhood, the street is wider and the people have small plots of veggies and some fruit trees. Cows and horses graze in the open fields.

Someone’s abandoned homestead
I love it!
This cow had a long tether and we were hoping she was friendly as we walked by.
She was😊
What could be more charming?
There seemed to be miles of stone walls in this neighborhood
A stone mason must have been kept busy for a long time! There is a lot of this type of work throughout the city.
This is the morgue just down the street from the cows. There was a small crowd of women outside. I don’t know if this is the only morgue for the city, but I doubt it because Cuenca has six hundred thousand residents. Our friend told us about her visit there to identify the body of someone she knew who had been murdered.😬

We took a VERY long walk the other day to the south edge of the city to pay for a piece of furniture we saw advertised in the Gringo Press. The owners are a very nice couple who are moving back to the states after living ten years here. He wanted to stay but she wanted to go, so they hope to settle in Portland.

It will be perfect for our entrance wall. It is custom made from solid wood here in Cuenca.
We will have it delivered when they move sometime this month.
Another beautiful old house along a different river on our way home from paying for the console table.
I have to say that the south side of the city has a lot to offer too. It is quite upscale but it is also quite a distance from El Centro….more of a suburban feel.

We also walked into El Centro recently to take care of a few things. One of them was to deliver cinnamon rolls to our friends, Liliana and Stefen. You may remember that she was the agent who found us our apartment. She and her German husband live in a big house there and rent out rooms to students. Her neighbors were afraid to see extranjeros come to the house because of the virus so we met her on the corner.😏

She is so adorable….I just love her!
Liliana made two bracelets for me
This is my favorite because me encanta azul
(I love blue)
Just in case you thought all the houses in Cuenca were beautiful…….
We came upon a road vehicle check and a truck spraying disinfectant at the same time. They were spraying everything including the officers!!!
Then we stumbled upon this artwork on the side of a building

As you can see, it is three dimensional!

On our way home we stopped off at Coral to buy a few things. We usually shop at SuperMaxi because it is closer, but Coral is more of a department store so it has a lot more to offer.

Looks like the national guard……not sure why they are posting them at grocery stores now??
OOPS, caught on camera
This is how homes put out their garbage for pickup
A little impromptu market appeared on our corner.
This is how most people buy their produce.
All over the city there are large and small markets like this.
We are almost home. This is a building we pass by every day and I always wonder,
why an a frame where it never snows?
This is right across from our building entrance
And this is too
And we’re home!
This is the entrance to our building.

I realize this is getting to be a pretty long post, but we have a few more photos to show you.

This is Nasare, a Venezuelan refugee who sells limes on the street beneath our living room window. She is so friendly and always waves, but doesn’t know a word of English. I give her money and here I am giving her cinnamon rolls that I baked. I get to practice my Spanish on her and have started making lunches for her and her family. She has a husband and a two year old boy and her papa.
Eucalyptus trees along our river walk
This park along the river is used heavily during holidays. The rich folks go to their ocean villas while the rest camp here all day, cooking on open fires, playing soccer and just enjoying being together.
The grass is getting pretty shaggy during this sequester period which has been since March seventeenth. They usually keep it well groomed with string trimmers.
The river is raging today! It is ripping mature trees from the banks and sending them downstream. On our morning walk we kept hearing boom! boom! and realized it was the sound of big boulders under water crashing against each other. Magnificent!!
A beautiful blue sky
Our evening sky
And a fiery sunset from our living room window
This week’s bouquet.
Two dozen roses delivered to our door for six dollars.
We gave her ten and hope she continues her business!
And I will leave you with a screen shot of a volcano to the north of us that, if I remember correctly, has been active continuously for more than two hundred years.

Hasta la próxima vez, muchos abrazos y ten cuidado❤️

14 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky

  1. Hi Sharon
    Thanks for taking the time to share your new home, your experiences, activities and impressions! Cuenca is enchanting. We continue a day at a time here, hoping to get better at living with uncertainty! Laura and Rick


  2. Loved the photos, Sharon. I felt like I was walking along with you and Bruce! We are so glad it is spring here. The off and on rain and sun has been great. The plants get watered and it is still nice sometime during the day to be outside. Sounds like your climate would be fun for gardening!


    • Gee thanks Donni! You are so lucky it is spring there and you have your big property and extensive gardens to be in. Makes the lockdown a lot easier. Maybe next year we will get a place with a big terrace so I can garden in big pots. I think I’m missing it!


  3. OK…it took a minute to reset the password etc. So I went back to the beginning of when you arrived and read all the posts. Now I’m up to speed. It looks like you have made some nice new friends and thankfully had the lawyer and help finding your apt. I LOVE the new bar stools!! The sky/cloud pics are fabulous!! I love a good sky. The clouds remind me of Maui where they were rolling across and changing all day. So you got all your papers in order?? I’m so glad we spoke and reconnected and you better believe I want to visit in the future when things have settled down.

    Do you get MSNBC or CNN or other news shows from the states?. Andrew Cumo is doing a fabulous job of keeping everyone informed on covid. (Dark thoughts) News of the day, Pence’s secretary and yesterday rump-faces valet have the virus along with 19 secret service people. Also, Dr. Faucci has it (That I’m sad about). Bill mused tonight he hoped both pence and rump get the virus and die and then Nancy Pelosi would be president!! Here, here….I have wished for just that thing myself. Only, I’d really like to see rump behind bars for the rest of his life. He deserves it. End of political RANT!!
    Your photos are so fantastic…is it just from your phones??? I still haven’t taken a phone pic…maybe just a few of the floor by accident. I use my expensive camera…but still…your clarity quality is amazing!! OK…Later!


    • Hey Aryll! You made it through all of our posts! Thanks for reading and leaving a message. We will have to keep in better touch. All of the good photos were taken by Bruce….he uses three different cameras. I use my iPad occasionally when he isn’t around. And yes, we get all the channels and read all the papers online. Fascinating.


  4. Hey mom, I love the sky photos – such beautiful colors and textures. The photos of the more rural area to the south are also really fun to see, especially the rock work and the beautiful plants and cow! ~Anna


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