Making progress on residency🙂

We spent several hours in a small town near Cuenca where our applications for residency are being processed. So glad we hired a lawyer because I can imagine the stress of dealing with all the paperwork in Spanish would be much more than we want to deal with. I received an email yesterday saying that Bruce’s paperwork was accepted, but nothing so far about mine. Hopefully we will hear more today.

View from the government building

Inside the building was clean and shiny and the time went by pretty quickly because we had interesting conversations with others processing their visas. The magic jack that we ordered from the states did the trick. We now have a U.S. number and can call anywhere in the states for free. Our bank needed a U.S. number in order to send us a code so we could access our bank statement online and show the Ecuadorian government that our social security checks were deposited last month. If the acceptance of my papers comes through today, Bruce and I will celebrate tonight at one of our favorite restaurants tonight!

This morning we walked to Nucallacta for lattes and breakfast. Sorry I can’t find a photo of their beautiful and delicious lattes!

Sharon’s breakfast
Bruce’s huevos rancheros

We went to the grocery store yesterday to buy a few things and were surprised to find every cart in use and overflowing! Apparently the president had given a speech the night before about the virus and people finally took notice. Bruce and I have been buying a few extra items for the last week or so to stock our pantry, so we’re all set. I think the latest here in Ecuador is nineteen cases with one fatality, none of them in our city of Cuenca. We are all trying to be extra cautious and following hand washing suggestions, but we don’t feel nervous about it…..yet.

Toilet paper seems to be very important !!

Since I have few photos about the subject of this post, I will add a few of Bruce’s photos taken at random around the city.

Around El Centro
I may use this as inspiration for a painting
This is not an unusual scene
Downtown color
Mostly older women who once a week go through the recycle bins to make a little money
Work on a new condo building a block away
This city has a lot of new construction and no abandoned buildings.
Full employment too
A friend’s birthday celebration
And lastly
Our new bar chairs!

3 thoughts on “Making progress on residency🙂

  1. You are probably better off being there than in WA state these days. Call us sometime if it is free 13036444538. It is challenging being able to travel here now. I just went to AZ looking for a house for us to move to a lower altitude. No luck yet. Doug couldn’t go because he is on oxygen 24/7. He has an underlying lung disease and is recovering slowly from a virus that became pneumonia. Cheers, Patsy


  2. Nice bar chairs! Ours need recovering. I should get inspired and go buy some fabric!

    We just returned from Arizona a week ago. Had a fun time visiting friends and looking at condos and houses. We are thinking we need to downsize. Not sure to what or where. I can’t do summers in Arizona, but the winters are sure nice! And we are definitely not returning to the Seattle area. I can do without the traffic and rain!


  3. Sharon, I so love that you include so many photographs. Your breakfasts look soooo yummy! I continue to be so happy for you and Bruce. I 5hink you are the ideal couple to make the most of retirement. Good for you both!!!


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