Moving Into Our Apartment

It feels like a long time since I last posted. We were busy moving and buying stuff we need for our new apartment. Also, I had a problem accessing the website, but my angel Mary Anne, who set up the website for us, figured it out! Hooray!

This is a painting we are considering.
I think it would look great in my bedroom

So, the first thing to say is we love our new apartment. The view is amazing from all of the windows (we have twice as many as the last place) And it is more spacious. It is lightly furnished so we are able to buy some of the furnishings and kitchen stuff that we prefer. It is only one block from the river with parks and walking and biking trails. We like our landlord🙂 and can’t hear our neighbors. But can we EVER hear the traffic noise!! We are on a major street with single pane windows. I knew before moving down here that noise would be an issue. We have lived in the country at the end of a dead end street for decades, so this city living is very different. But people say you get used to it and soon it is just background sound. We have also found that if we play music, like guitar or piano, we hardly notice the traffic sounds.

This is Regina who has been a good friend to us! Isn’t she pretty? She has helped us in so many ways and we were even able to buy some furniture from her previous apartment.
We can take delivery at the end of the month
Regina lives in El Centro
And we live near the Rio Tomebamba
looks like someone lost their laundry basket!

Beautiful river

The move to the new apartment was exhausting without a car. We took many trips on foot with backpacks….only a fifteen minute walk. Then we hired a pickup truck to move all our suitcases for twenty dollars. Javier was supposed to help us but he sent his mom instead and she was great!!
Bruce gave her a big tip because she was just so capable! A couple days later, Javier delivered my bike. More on that later. Bruce and I both bought bicicletas.

We have been buying all the kitchen stuff we need mostly at SuperMaxi, very much like a U.S.supermarket, with a few added quirks 🙂 and another huge store that is more like Walmart. We like walking, so if we are able carry our purchases back home by backpack and bags we will.

Part of our walk to “Walmart”
It’s really called Coral and it’s in a big shopping center
Fun purchases from an artisanal market
wonderful bread with chia, cheese with peppercorns, Chinese dumplings, sweets, chocolate and ginger liquor for a special occasion
And finally, Regina and the gang working their way through a few beers

I will end this post with a couple of photos from my bedroom window. Next time we will have photos from the other rooms and some of the furniture we bought.

This morning
Lucky me!

14 thoughts on “Moving Into Our Apartment

  1. Your happiness and enthusiasm flows through the page. Your surroundings are gorgeous! So happy the two of you are having a great adventure!


  2. What a spectacular view from your apartment!!! We listened to BirdNote on NPR this morning and learned that Ecuador
    is home to 1,600 species of birds — twice the number in all of North America 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I heard that too about the birds. Unfortunately, here in the city I only hear them in the mornings competing with the traffic noise😏They must be vegetarians cuz there are hardly any insects up here in the Andes.


  3. I love the view from your bedroom and I also love the painting that you are considering. Can’t wait to see more of your apartment and your new bikes!


    • Unfortunately the painting was sold when we returned. Someone had bought it the day before and the owner said it had been there for five years!! Haven’t done anything new to the apartment yet but will post photos of the bikes as soon as the photographer gets busy🙂and photos of new stuff in apartment (the twenty seventh) and photos from the other windows.


  4. This is such a nice blog on moving into our apartment . I like the way they have researched and presented it in front of us . Such illustrations are given that a layman could even understand . It is an easy to comprehend blog which can be instigated by all at least once . I am sure many people will come to read this in future .


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