Being in a new country with new ways of doing things can be frustrating at times unless you go with the flow and not try to get too much done right away. We have hired someone to help us with setting up our phones because it is a bit involved and requires a level of Spanish that we have not yet reached. I am so glad we have decent internet at this apartment that came with the lease. In the next apartment, gas and hot water are included but we need to pay for cold water, electricity, internet and t.v. separately. Our wonderful real estate agent, Liliana, will help us sign up for the first payments for water and electricity and we will hire someone to set us up with high speed internet and t.v. package.

yesterday from our window
the light was amazing

And yesterday we had a HUGE deluge with thunder and lightning but not much wind. We were at a gathering of friends and tried to get a cab home but when it’s raining the cabs are all busy, so we walked. And it wasn’t bad at all! I had my umbrella and Bruce borrowed Tom’s and it was warm enough to actually be pleasant.

Yesterday we signed the lease on the new apartment, which is another accomplishment. Sara, our lawyer, looked over the lease and made a few suggestions and we all came to an agreement. The owner is an Ecuadorian gentleman who lives outside of town. We met him at the apartment along with Liliana for the signing which took about two hours! Seems like EVERYTHING takes longer here. We brought the $1560 in cash (three months rent) and were required to write down the serial numbers of each one of the one hundred dollar bills, fifteen in total. Then Liliana checked the numbers against the bills and then the owner did the same! It was almost comical. We went over every item on the inventory list which included things like the kitchen cabinets and towel racks….items that are permanent fixtures.

A few fun photos
A really talented street musician
You wouldn’t see this in the US
or this…..
the sky here is dramatic and changes minute by minute

So yesterday was a very full and interesting day. In the morning was the signing of the lease. We went to a gathering of friends in the afternoon and walked home in a lightening storm. We got home and changed out of our wet clothes into fancy wear for an evening at Joe’s Secret Garden. This is an elegant old home with a luxurious garden where the owners prepare a set dinner for anywhere from fifty to a hundred people. Last night was Italian osobucco and it was delicious. On the way home we stopped off at Common Grounds to dance to Paco’s Blues Band. Just one dance tho……we were up past our bedtime!

So the minor frustrations and the fun new experiences continue. And we continue to find our new home fascinating!

7 thoughts on “Accomplishments

    • If by slower pace you mean everything taking twice as long….yes! And you can get a range of meals here. I had lunch today with a new friend and it was not great, but I probably ordered the wrong thing. We’re cooking in tonight!


  1. Hey mom this is great. We get to see what you guys are up to. The pictures are fantastic and I doubled over laughing about the tangerines! Nice to see your enjoying your adventures.


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