A meeting with our lawyer

I was a little bit nervous about our meeting yesterday morning with our lawyer, Sara Chaca. The last two months before leaving our home in the states were consumed by obtaining a whole lot of paperwork and it had not all been delivered to us by the time we left. The remaining paperwork was to be mailed to Sara’s Florida office. No paperwork….no residency! Hence the nerves. But good news!!😃👍The final papers had arrived!

So young and yet so accomplished!
Sara’s office on Calle Larga
it’s really nice inside!

A little word about the paperwork for residency…….you need all new stuff!! Your birth certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees must all be newly certified and then apostilled. The apostille is given by the Secretary of State for certification internationally. Then you also need an FBI background check with fingerprints, a state patrol background check, and if you want a retirement visa, certified social security reward letters, and all of them need the apostille. And…..all paperwork has an expiration date of three months or so. Everything has a fee, of course.

SO, I was feeling pretty darn good after our meeting! We walked home along the river.

The street side of the river
See? 😊 😊 Happy!
Then bought plums for sauce….they turned out to be small nectarines😮
Bruce ate them
Couldn’t resist these long stemmed roses at the market
one dollar a bunch!
even tho the roses Bruce bought for my birthday are still fresh
The day turned hot and we were overdressed….good thing I had my sunscreen.
the first couple of days here’s my nose got burned
Above ground wires spoil the picturesque scene, just like in the USA

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