Mi Cumpleaños (my birthday)

The day started with breakfast at the Oro Verde hotel. This is a very upscale hotel in Cuenca where we had the pleasure of staying a couple of times on our visit last year. The breakfast buffet is outstanding with an endless array of Ecuadorian and American style offerings. It is tempting to try it all, but I restrained myself to their freshly cut fruit….melons, strawberries, papaya, pineapple…..all fully ripe and sweet. And the Bircher oats…….And the tiny pancakes with maple/honey syrup…with bacon, of course! Next time we go I will take photos of some of the more unusual Ecuadorian delights. And it is so much fun to observe the rest of the guests, all Ecuadorian yesterday morning. The glamorous women of L.A. have nothing on these lovely ladies. Again, sorry for no photos, but it just feels so intrusive…..maybe next time Bruce can be a little sneaky.😉

Then back to our apartment, a nice walk along the river, to relax a bit before walking downtown to Esther’s Beauty Salon. I figured since it’s my birthday and we’re going to a fancy restaurant this evening, I would indulge in a bit of pampering…..something I have never done before. I had a mani/pedi and a facial. I have always worked with my hands and kept my nails clipped short, so she didn’t have much to work with! But I have to say, she made them look beautiful, even tho she was very disappointed😞that I chose not to use glittery, sparkly color!! The facial I would not do again. I had to sit with my face in a steam machine with a towel draped over my head and then a face mask with collagen for FIFTEEN MINUTES! That’s hard work! Can’t say it made much difference. I also had my hair trimmed and the ladies were VERY anxious to cut my long hair. They showed me a photo of a Farrah Fawcett do that they were sure would look great on me. And my eyebrows!! Something must be done! When I stepped out of the salon, Bruce was coming down the street with a huge bouquet of roses he bought for THREE DOLLARS! In case you were wondering, my two hour beauty ordeal cost thirty seven dollars and I left a ten dollar tip…..which was greeted with real joy and a big hug.

After the trim….a little short, but well done!!

Then home again to relax a bit before the big night. We toasted each other with a glass of fine Chilean wine and dressed as elegantly as possible…..again, sorry for no photo….we forgot to ask someone. Our doorman, Edgar, called us a cab and off we went to Tiesto’s in the heart of El Centro.

langostinos with several side dishes…….way too much to eat
our waiter suggested an Argentinian Malbec and it was perfecto!
a mural painted on the wall of the restaurant
and a painting we both loved

The dinner was a bit spendy for Cuenca, but what the heck, you don’t turn seventy every day! I know you’re curious…..the bill was seventy dollars for both of us which included four glasses of wine😊

10 thoughts on “Mi Cumpleaños (my birthday)

  1. Happy Birthday, girlfriend! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Good for you. Can’t visualize you in a Farrah Fawcett do 🙂 Btw, Stu and I went to Old Mill last night. We had one drink each and I had a cobb salad… cost us $72!


  2. Happy Birthday Shazza!!!! Couldn’t think of a better way (or place) for you to celebrate. Looking forward to reading through all your adventures. All my best to Bruce, too.


  3. Happy Belated Birthday Sharon!
    I have just caught up on all of your posts.
    Your adventures sound amazing! So happy you found an apartment you like.
    Looking forward to following your travels.
    Huge hugs to you and Bruce


  4. Hi Sharon, I’m really enjoying the news and updates about your life in Ecuador. Sounds like you had a perfect Birthday Celebration 🙂 We loved the photos that you posted and seeing your new home. We are so happy for you and Bruce.
    We are just getting over a big snow event, had a combined total of almost 3 feet. Now, it is rain, rain, rain.
    Cheers and Hugs!
    Debbie and Arnold


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